Our Products

Weighing & Automation

Safe Arabia has been providing safe, precise, and reliable scales, analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment from the leading Weighing scale manufacturer Ohaus. We have evolved alongside the industries we serve, ensuring we not only meet their needs today, but anticipate their needs of tomorrow.

Truck weighing Scale

Whether for checkweighing, completeness verification, classification, sorting and counting by weight or dosing:

Industrial Platform Scale

Industrial scales make an important contribution to the production process chain. Given the wide range of scales available,

Indicators & Controllers

With our load cells and industrial scales you can determine weight values reliably and with high precision.

Inline Quality Inspection System

The use of inspection systems in the various industries has increased considerably over the last few years. The systems have proven to be a good investment in product safety, integrity and quality. Inspection systems not only detect products contaminations but they also allow inline quality checks, including weight determination, counting of components, detection of missing or defective products, fill level monitoring and checking the integrity of closures.

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Pipeline metal detector is equipped with innovative MiWave technology to ensure maximum product sensitivity.

Metal Detectors Mitus®

The new Mitus metal detection system is an inspection solution with the highest precision in detecting

X-Ray Inspection System

We guarantee you a new level of safety and flexibility in your production process of viscous and liquid products

Marking & Coding

Use the REA JET coding and marking systems to code and mark products and surfaces from a wide variety of industries with texts, linear barcodes, data matrix codes, logos, product information, sell-by dates, batch numbers, data for traceability, quality assurance and counterfeit protection. REA JET wins customers over with its many years’ expert knowledge and state-of-art coding and marking technologies – for inks, paint or laser.

Spray Mark technology

Modularly structured REA JET Spray Mark Heads can apply precise dots and lines to porous and non-porous surfaces.

HIGH-RES Technologies

The REA JET HR pro OEM is especially developed for a fully integrated installation in machines and systems.

DOD Technologies

Based on REA TITAN Platform operating concept, Full Unicode- and TTF-Support and Push-turn button operation