Safe Arabia is committed to the health and safety of its employees. We meet all relevant Health and Safety regulations and have been ISO 45001:2018 certified. Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major objective and we are committed for continuing improvement toward an accident-free workplace through effective administration, education and training. As per our Safety policy, all supervisors and workers must be dedicated to the continuing objectives of eliminating the “near misses” which will greatly reduce the risk of injuries.


Our HSE department oversees our ISO 45001:2018 system, and supports supervisors in enforcing its application. They also implement safe systems of work such as Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analyses, HSE Plans and safety procedures. We have regular training programs for our staff members and the company promise that every precaution and care will be taken for the protection of all workers in all circumstances.

HSE Officers are present onsite to ensure we provide the correct safety information and monitor the work force during projects. Some of the ways in which we do this are by giving safety talks, implementing training programs, carrying out HSE audits and assisting site management with HSE related problems onsite.


Safe Arabia Trading and Contracting Company is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace and conducting its business activities in a manner that protects the environment. To achieve these goals, all work locations shall adhere to the following principles:

  • Identification and evaluation of all HSE hazards or aspects and the management of those risks to reduce their impacts to acceptable levels.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal legislation.
  • Prevention of incidents, injuries, and pollution.
  • Intolerance of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to incidents and injuries.
  • Reduction of waste and conservation of resources.
  • Recording and communicating HSE performance throughout the organization.
  • Continual improvement of HSE performance.
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.


We recognize that a safe work environment can be established and sustained only through a united effort by all employees.


Safe Arabia Trading and Contracting Company is committed to provide products and services at the highest quality standards that meet or exceed customer requirements in accordance with the applicable international standards achieved with a focus on customer, employees, continual improvement of our quality management system.

  • Build trust, transparency and confidence of our stakeholders.
  • Sustain organizational excellence through visionary leadership and innovative effects.
  • Complying with the requirement of ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Continually improving our Quality Management System.
  • Establishing quality objective and periodically reviewing performance.
  • Focusing on process improvement initiatives.
  • Providing safe and healthy work environment.
  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training.
  • Ensuring our suppliers and contractors meet our quality requirements.


Safe Arabia is widely well-known for its excellent workmanship and our QA/QC department is a vital component that ensures accuracy in operational functions as well as procedural and management processes. The company has a Quality Management System (QMS) consisting of policy statements, operational procedures, and work instructions that is in accordance with the requirements by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Our QMS is based on a continuous improvement program.

QA/QC supports all operational functions from planning, to execution, through to project completion. QA/QC evaluates clients’ requests and relates these to our operations personnel for execution, and offer assurance to our clients that each operation is carried out in a systematic and controlled manner. All inspection activities are conducted in accordance with our client’s requirements, international standards, as well as Safe Arabis’s own in-house procedures.

  • Customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing, environmental protection, continual improvement, innovation, business ethics, legal compliance and business excellence are the cardinal principles of our corporate philosophy.
  • Delivering optimal quality standards to the customer.
  • Striving to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Recognizing defined quality objectives.
  • Pursuing continuous improvements.