Weighing & Automation

Industrial Plaform Scales

Weighing platform MiNexx® 3000

The MiNexx® weighing platforms convince with their superior design and their high configurability. Due to its innovative….

Weighing platform IS

High-resolution weighing platforms available in various sizes and designs. They feature a choice of digital interface ports and can be…

Weighing platform Combics

Minebea Intec Combics® offers you a wide variety of platforms in stainless steel or painted versions, also with a special….

Weighing Platforms Midrics

The Midrics® bench and floor scales have proven themselves as robust complete scales for reliable quality control, for…

Indicators & Controllers

Weight indicator CSD-903

The weight indicator CSD-903 processes weight values from silo and vessel scales quickly and reliably with analogue load….

Weight indicator X3

Flexible and diverse for individual configurations: The weight indicator X3 is fitted with three freely configurable digital….

Weight Indicator X2

The weight indicator X2 is available in a robust aluminium housing for front panel mounting and stainless steel housing….

Weight controller Maxxis 4

Weighing controllers are weighing indicators with an integrated control function for the automation of weighing….

Lab Balances

Explorer Precision

The OHAUS Explorer Series of precision balances combine modern features and design elements to offer….

Explorer Precision High Capacity

OHAUS Explorer High Capacity balances provide unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance, high-capacity….

Scout STX

Ideal for laboratory & industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout features an easy to navigate color touchscreen display….

Scout SPX

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit….

Truck Weighing Scales

Pendeo Truck

Vehicle weighing with intelligent weighing technology! The Pendeo® Truck digital load cell is the ideal solution for use….

Truck scale load cell PR 6221

The PR 6221 load cell is manufactured and produced in Germany with the utmost care. Its high quality guarantee….

Automation & Software Solutions

REA JET - TITAN Platform

The REA JET TITAN Platform is an operating concept for all REA JET coding and marking technologies across devices….

REA JET - Loftware NiceLabel Software

Every day Loftware NiceLabel solutions help you optimize your business processes. In addition to label designers,….