X-ray inspection system Dymond

X-ray inspection system Dymond

X-ray inspection system Dymond

The innovative X-ray inspection system Dymond reliably detects foreign objects, including in desserts, salad mixes or ready-made meals. At the same time, Dymond helps to check important quality attributes, such as mass, filling levels, completeness and integrity.

Featuring 3 models it is able to cover the majority of applications for inspecting packaged products.


  • Fill quantity control
  • Foreign body detection
  • Statistical process control
  • Statistics


  • X-ray inspection system
  • Topshooter
  • for packaged products
  • Foreign object detection
  • level control
  • IP 34
  • IP 65
  • Stainless steel

Product Enhancements

What size for my product?

Dymond 40, 80, 120, 160

The Dymond series sets a standard in X-ray inspection for food with crystal-clear X-ray images, a high degree of accuracy and low energy costs – all available in four different machine sizes. Simply choose the right solution for your products.