Metal Detector Mitus


Metal Detector Mitus

The new Mitus metal detection system is an inspection solution with the highest precision in detecting foreign objects in all applications where this is required. Using flexible MiWave Modulation Technology, the system ignores fluctuating product effects due to product variations in shape, size and composition, minimising false rejections. Foreign objects are reliably detected. In addition, the metal detector scores with its variety of models, which enables easy integration into existing systems.


  • Foreign body detection
  • Statistical process control


  • Metal detector
  • Metal detector coils
  • Foreign object detection
  • IP 65
  • Optional : IP 69K
  • Stainless steel 1.4301

High Presision metal detection for salad dressings

The company has now switched to the metal detector Mitus® with flexible MiWave Modulation in order to reduce erroneous readings and thereby increase productivity:

  • Significant increase in detection sensitivity in order to ensure the highest possible level of product safety for consumers
  • Increased productivity due to reduction of erroneous ejections
  • Easy to clean thanks to hygienic design