Metal Detector Secus

The Secus® metal detector provides highly efficient and effective protection for your machines. It prevents the penetration of metallic foreign bodies into your production process and thus reduces downtimes due to repairs to a minimum. Furthermore, your employees are also reliably protected from injuries caused by splintering metal parts. Designed especially for heavy industry, Secus is particularly convincing due to its extremely robust design and detection sensitivity, which has been optimised especially for the raw materials industry.


  • Foreign body detection
  • Statistical process control


  • Metal detection
  • Metal detection coil
  • Foreign object detection
  • Especially for bulk material
  • can be positioned differently on the conveyor belt
  • IP 55
  • IP 65
  • IP 66
  • 1.3305 steel

Product Enhancements

Secus is available in various designs for ideal integration into your production process.

The standard coil which ensures maximum sensitivity
The divisible coil which can be installed around your conveyor belts without separating them. It can also be removed without affecting the conveyor belt.
The under-belt coil which is positioned beneath the conveyor belt.