REA JET DOD 2.0 - Controller Unit

Ready for world wide use

  • Full Unicode support: all global languages can be printed for companies with international customers
  • Support of all True Type Fonts (TTFs): maximum design flexibility for your print
  • XML-based data structure and communication protocol: globally used standard for data compatibility
  • Sturdy and high-quality stainless-steel casing designed for daily work in rough industry environments
  • 24V power supply: for direct integration into machines and systems
  • Multi voltage power supply available: for immediate global use
  • Protection Class IP65: dust-proof and water-resistant for rigorous industrial use
  • Uniform communication protocol for condition monitoring across multiple devices: allows user-specific signal processing
  • Consistent graphical user interface WYSIWYG: realistic display of print contents

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  • Power supply 24V DC out of SELV-Power Supply
  • External power adaptor IP67 (100V-277 VAC, 50-60 Hz)
  • Ethernet interface 100Mbit/s M12-D-coded for faster data exchange
  • Serial interface RS232/422
  • USB interface
  • Digital I/O interface, freely programmable (e.g. information on filling level)
  • 2 print head connection pipes: up to 512 channels (nozzles) selectable
  • Example 1: 16 print heads with each 32 nozzles (512 nozzles fully used)
  • Example 2: 8 print heads with each 16 nozzles (128 nozzles of 512 used)
  • Product sensor port and shaft encoder


  • Thermal inkjet printing technology for high resolution and precise printing
  • Print height of 12.7 mm per print head for flexible marking of products
  • Vertical resolution of 300 and 600 dpi for high image quality
  • Horizontal resolution from 60 to 1500 dpi in 26 steps for optimal print quality adjustment
  • Print speed up to 762 m/min for fast and efficient printing process
  • Maximum print length of 13.8 m layout length depending on resolution
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control