The REA JET HR pro OEM is especially developed for a fully integrated installation in machines and systems. With the smallest dimensions in its class, the REA JET HR pro OEM controller fits into any type of machine and control cabinet. The HR pro OEM accommodates connection of up to 4 print heads, and its extremely high-performance processor is powerful enough to meet future coding and marking demands.The HR pro OEM is the first choice for rapid serialization applications and complete machine integrations.


Product Details

  • Most compact housing in its class for complete machine and cabinet integration
  • Super high performance
  • Best suited for high-speed serisalization
  • Up to 4 print heads (50.8 mm print height)
  • Automatic Bulk System with 400 ml bulk ink tank ridge for solvent-based inks to keep machine and system downtime to a minimum
  • Bulk System with 950 ml bulk ink bottle for low-viscosity liquids include water-based inks to keep machine and system downtime to a minimum
  • Thermal inkjet printing technology for high resolution and precise printing
  • Print height of 12.7 mm per print head for flexible marking of products
  • Vertical resolution of 300 and 600 dpi for high image quality
  • Horizontal resolution from 60 to 1500 dpi in 26 steps for optimal print quality adjustment
  • Print speed up to 762 m/min for fast and efficient printing process
  • Maximum print length of 13.8 m layout length depending on resolution
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control