REA JET´s HR product family offers high resolution coding and marking systems using especially developed inks to facilitate clean, environmentally-friendly and solvent-free marking on even non-porous surfaces. HR systems are maintenance-free. With each cartridge change a new print-engine is in place. The REA JET HR is designed for endusers for installation right at the production line.


Product Details

  • Stainless steel control device in IP 65 design
  • Full-color graphic display, diagonal from approx. 14.4 cm (5.7 inch)
  • Graphical user guidance in many languages
  • Support of True Type Fonts (TTF) and the Unicode character set
  • Operation: number pad, cursor block, function keys, dial with push button function
  • REA JET HR 2K (with 2 print heads, up to 25,4 mm print height)
  • REA JET HR 4K (with 4 print heads, up to 50,8 mm print height)
  • Automatic Bulk System with 400 ml bulk ink tank ridge for solvent-based inks to keep machine and system downtime to a minimum
  • Bulk System with 950 ml bulk ink bottle for low-viscosity liquids include water-based inks to keep machine and system downtime to a minimum
  • Thermal inkjet printing technology for high resolution and precise printing
  • Print height of 12.7 mm per print head for flexible marking of products
  • Vertical resolution of 300 and 600 dpi for high image quality
  • Horizontal resolution from 60 to 1500 dpi in 26 steps for optimal print quality adjustment
  • Print speed up to 762 m/min for fast and efficient printing process
  • Maximum print length of 13.8 m layout length depending on resolution
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control