High Resolution Technology

Wiktus H Series Checkweigher

The high qauality materials and an in house production proces ensures that the result is a seperior product in line with international Quality standards. Opetional trend controller can be added to regulate existing filling or packaging sustems to improve efficiency of filling and helps to prevent overfill. A verity if interfaces enables smooth, centralized integration of Wiktus H series checkweighers into existing or new enf of line systems, for 100% tracebility in production monitoring. Through & quick cleaning can be done due to its stainless – stell design and easy to operate belt tensioning mechanism.

Wiktus L Series Checkweigher

With all industries in mind, Transcedence developed the checkweigher for jars, cans , boxes and bags with operator-friendly screen menus and prompts.Wiktus series facilitates for reversible transport direction & it combines economy and latest weighing technology. The conveyor belt can be quickly removed for effective cleaning. A choice of optional out-feed conveyors and soring/rejecting devices. Transcedence believes in quality with Cutting Edge Technology. We deliver on site support with services through the life cycle of our product.