REA JET One Dot System

The REA JET One Dot Systems (EDS) are particularly well suited to very fine dot and line markings. The dot size is configured by selecting the nozzle size and by varying the material pressure, and the stepless setting on the controller.


Product Details

  • Type REA JET EDS: dot marking, even with pigmented inks
  • Type REA JET EDS II: dot marking, heavy-duty version with IP65 protection class
  • Nozzles sizes for different dot size: 80, 130, 270, 350, 500 micron
  • Very fine dot and line markings at a thickness of 0.2 to 3 mm
  • Thermal inkjet printing technology for high resolution and precise printing
  • Print height of 12.7 mm per print head for flexible marking of products
  • Vertical resolution of 300 and 600 dpi for high image quality
  • Horizontal resolution from 60 to 1500 dpi in 26 steps for optimal print quality adjustment
  • Print speed up to 762 m/min for fast and efficient printing process
  • Maximum print length of 13.8 m layout length depending on resolution
  • TITAN platform as a cross-device and cross-technology operating concept for simple and intuitive control