Pallet Scales IU

  • A variety of finishes, e.g. stainless steel
  • Explosion-proof solutions
  • IP65 or IP68 protection classes
  • Resolution from 15,000 d to 30,000 d, 1 x 3,000 e and 2 x 3,000 e
  • Load ranges of between 300 kg and 3,000 kg
  • Sheet inserts and additional stands available on request
  • Custom specifications available on request

Product Details

The IU Series pallet scales are available in various designs, weighing capacities and resolutions. They feature strain-gauge systems (load cells) that provide especially precise resolution. All pallet scales can be configured as high-resolution instruments (15,000d or 30,000d) or for use in legal metrology (1 x 3,000d/e or 2 x 3000d/e). Plus, they can be connected to Minebea Intec Combics Indicators, QCT01 or isi terminals.

Why a pallet scale from Minebea Intec?

  • Easy handling
  • Hygienic design
  • Tough and robust for use with aggressive substances
  • Rollers for mobility
  • Reliable construction guaranteeing low maintenance costs and a long service life